Side By Side Tonari Ni Iru Hito 2023 Episode 1 English SUB

Side By Side Tonari Ni Iru Hito 2023

Miyama is a young man with a mysterious special ability. His special ability allows him to see the thoughts of other people. With his power, he heals people who suffers from their own worries or traumas. Miyama lives peacefully with his girlfriend Shiori and her daughter Bibi. His girlfriend works as a nurse. One day, Miyama begins to have a strange feeling. This is due to Kusaka, who graduated from the same high school. Kusaka is now a musician living in Tokyo. To learn more, Miyama attends Kusaka's concert and meets him there. Kusaka tells Miyama something about Miyama and his ex-girlfriend Riko.

(Source: AsianWiki)

Release Dates: Mar 19, 2023 (OAFF) || Apr 14, 2023 (Cinema)

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